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Emp Heart wer your Familywith

Connect with your extended family in a safe meaningful place and make the most of their love, care and support wherever you are!

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Our mission

Living in a fast-paced world makes it harder to stay in touch with family. We want families to have a place where they can preserve their essence and build a glorious new reality where time and distance don’t matter anymore.

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Feel the vibe of your Family

Create stronger bonds with your relatives, learn to understand them better and share essential things about yourself during daily challenges and special events.

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Create the story of your Family

Gather all the precious stories, traditions, special recipes and much more in your Family Wiki. Leave the heritage you’d be proud to pass on.

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Untangle your Family connections

Learn who is who in your family! Invite your relatives, add ties and watch Weera build a 3D map of your relatives.

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Follow the beat of your Family

Create events and mark important days on Timeline — a smart shared calendar for all the significant and not-so-much things. Track your Family’s activity and never miss a date!

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Enjoy the way you chat with Family

Every chat you start in Weera is a chat with those close to you. Text in groups or tête-à-tête, call some of your relatives or all of them at once. Make video parties or exchange photos. Interact however you like and make the most of each conversation.

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🤣🤣🤣🤣Concerning relatives oh so many of us that’s why we organized a “Reunion clan” bearing the name of our grand grandparents,👋💖 As of now I usually keep in touch with this relatives near me while those in distant places we use phone contactings… getting in touch with relatives depends on a basis where you are free or feel like 💕


The things I learned by playing and sometimes monitoring my younger brother, (six years between), benefited not only me and him, but my daughter: I learned a lot of childcare rules from particisipating in his upbringing, and we are still close. And of course parents: a mom who taught me house keeping, dressing, love of music, talking nicely, and all the things a woman needs to know. A dad who taught me all I wanted to know, from math (my obsession in school) to love of reading and writing, working well in groups. It was a great childhood that enabled a great adulthood.


Start by calling after their supper hour. Say, “Hey, Aunt Mary/Cousin Bob/etc!” “It’s me, Put your name here!” For several days, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing?” “Catch me up on how things are going!” “Are you free to talk now?” Conversation begins. Do not pass on any negative things happening to you. Just all the positive things; and only if there is a lull in the conversation. Do not talk more than 10 minutes, if that. You can tell from the tone in their voice if they are getting bored. End my saying, “I’ve enjoyed our conversation.” “Let’s keep in touch!”


In my Family there were 13 original elders , my mother and her brothers and sisters, during my youth we would spend the summer's visiting each other in our various home states , west coast/east coast and the mid west , throughout the years there have been many funerals that have brought us together , Family reunions, or just hey we are going to fly in or drive in for the weekend. As the years pass we continue to uphold to what we we tought Family is Family, now as I and my cousin are now the elders we ensure that our children and their children all know who each other are and keep the tradition alive.


They are all such lovely people and so fun to be around. Unfortunately though, we don’t get a chance to see a lot of each other due to life. So the few times we get to all be together are truly very special.


Growing up, we always had Family get togethers at one of my uncle's house. I always looked forward to them because of all the games, presents, laughter, etc. I was always one to say I wanted to have Family reunions once I had my own home. But unfortunately we all grew apart not to mention most Family left to another state. So yes I enjoyed them when I had them.


When I see children. When I see an classy woman who resembles my grandmother. When I see a bear. When I am reminded of the 60’s or '70's. When I pray. When I sing. When I dance. Those are the times when I think about my Family the most.


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